Daily Bible Reading Guide

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Through The Bible In A Year

The order of the books in the calendar is a chronological arrangement. The Old Testament poetic and prophetic books are inserted into the historical books where they are thought to have been written. The epistles of the New Testament are inserted into the narrative of the book of Acts.

King James Version - Highlighted

The King James Version books (Genesis – Revelation) are PDF files, where each chapter is a series of slides. The highlighting is solely for easier reading.

  • People and place names are bold magenta.
  • Names of God are bold blue and bold magenta.
  • God’s direct sayings are blue.
  • Important and often quoted verses are blue.
  • Key events and ideas are magenta.
  • Certain adjectives and adverbs are italic emphasis.
  • The first appearance of nouns are underlined.
  • Ancient words and phrases are italic emphasis and underlined.
  • Words of Jesus are red.